About me

Expressionist Artist

My story

I’m interested in the processes of the outer world which are currently going too fast and are changing the existing foundations of society. I’m trying to understand the new position of the human in this new world.
To me painting is the shortest way to achieving the truth. When I take a dive into my work I feel the world on multiple levels - I feel the light and shadows, colors, which allow me to come through to a new space and to hand it over through my work.
I engage with the human essence with its sensitivity, thoughts, will to evolve, generation of ideas which recreate, the belief that anything is possible.
I use the means of painting, and my initial drawings keep the very first and truest perception of reality within me. This is exactly what I attempt to preserve in my canvas paintings as I always leave a sense of unfinished composition which allows the viewer to fantasize and participate in my world.
Working with colors is vital to me. I believe they give me the opportunity to create the resonance which is within me and they give the viewer the strongest and truest sensations.